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Richard Skipper 'Celebrates' is pleased to announce the addition of public relation services to bring Richard's vast 25 - year career as a successful entertainer to help others in the industry.

Richard Skipper 'Celebrates' mission is to celebrate artists and their body of "WORTH". Rather than tearing artists down, which is the norm in today's cultural landscape, the entire crux is to build artists up and make each event a celebration.

Richard Skipper operates solely from a point of positivity to work diligently with each artist and/or event to create a buzz that WILL interest audiences and the media to desire more about YOU!

"Richard Skipper is a master of detail. That is why his organization is as excellent as it is. One of the things that I love working about Richard Skipper is that he is interested in the individual. In this day of mass production, that makes him a diamond." Julie Budd

2014 has gotten off to a rousing start. . .Recent special events produced by Richard Skipper' Celebrates' include:

January - reuniting the original company and subsequent company casts in commemoration of the Hello Dolly! 50th Anniversary.

February - As The World Turns' Eileen Fulton to benefit Habitat For Humanity, NYC.

"I sat in the audience in the Metropolitan Room in NYC as the stalwart fans of Eileen Fulton got to know her up-close and personal, thanks to the deft interviewing skills of Richard Skipper." Colleen Zenk (via SoapInDepth)

March - Richard Skipper joined forces with The Spiral Theatre in NYC to elevate the theatre to a new level of public awareness.

Clients include Julie Budd, Peggy Herman, Kevin Dozier, The Spiral Theatre, and Eileen Fulton (Testimonials available upon request)

"Your blog about me is just spectacular, Richard. I cannot thank you enough. It's gorgeous and so flattering." Lucie Arnaz

"I have posted on Facebook my joy at being at 'An Evening with Sondra Lee'. Richard Skipper led the evening with charm, grace, and gave Ms. Lee a perfect setting to share her life with us. It left me wanting more! " Leslie Snow, Putnam, CT

Richard Skipper's marketing and PR access to those who can build your brand to generate great buzz can benefit the individual entertainer, a venue, a special event or charity function. Contact: Richard Skipper Celebrates at 845- 354- 0720 or Richard@richardskipper.com

Company Members of Hello, Dolly!
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