Richard Skipper Celebrates. . . You!

Richard Skipper gets results. As a producer, I am keenly aware of what PR should and should not be. It should not be "Oh, well, tickets aren't selling, let's paper the house". I have seen that sad and sorry approach too many times. An astute PR company should carefully analyze their client's needs, listen to the client's goals and aspirations and formulate a sensible plan to properly reach the target audience. . . While a professional PR company should never guarantee or promise "bodies in the seats", if thoughtful attention is paid to the campaign, those bodies will follow. No one cares more for their clients than Richard Skipper, no one listens more carefully, and no one respects the client relationship and goals more than Richard. I have seen first hand his careful attention to every detail of PR, and if you work with Richard, so will you.
Russ Woolley

There Are So many people that you could call to do PR… Host shows.. folks that know the way around & can help put your show & name out there. I mean… This is New York…Of course!!!. . . And then, there's Richard Skipper.

He is a throwback to a time when your press agent cared deeply about the artist that they represent. But with Richard Skipper. . . You get it All. Richard Is a great artist in his own right. He understands fully what this industry demands of you. He is Terrific on stage AND knows How to host an event. He gets the audience ready for "Something to Happen!" And above all, he will look out for you as your Press representative. He will help to make your career bigger! So Stop Looking. . . He's already there! Call Richard. . . He is a Mench. . . AND He will take good care of you. . . AND your business! Trust me. . . I know. He has been in my life for a long time. . . And. . . I'm not letting him go!
Julie Budd, NYC