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Richard Skipper is a conversationalist, an entertainer, mc, and host. He speaks to artists, authors, motivational speakers, and people from every area of show business. Always friendly, never gossipy and engaging. You can see the conversations here:

"In a world in which most people don't know THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER from THE GIRL WHO CAME TO SUPPER, how wonderful to be able to talk with someone who knows that and SO much more! Why is it that whenever I see one of those NATIONAL TREASURE movies that none of them is about Richard Skipper? Each one sure should be!"
Peter Filichia, www.broadwayradio.com

"Richard Skipper is an amazing talent and host. I was truly amazed at his knowledge and ability to analyze my book. I’m definitely spreading the word about Richard Skipper Celebrates Talk Show it was very interesting, entertaining, knowledgeable and open minded. Thank you Richard for creating an amazing platform. Continue success."
Tony Roberts, www.theatresaveslives.org

"Richard: Thank you for a terrific interview! Thanks for reading my book so carefully and for your thoughtful and always interesting questions. And- a final thank you for promoting National Book Blitz Month- the more people read and learn, the better life is for everyone."
Tom Santopietro, http://www.tomsantopietro.com

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