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Richard Skipper is an entertainer, raconteur, arts advocate and theater historian. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates!, he has conducted over 700 interviews celebrating people in the arts. Recent interviews have included Medium Concetta Bertoldi, impressionist and author Sharon Daniels, Joyce Bulifant, Linda Purl, Melissa Manchester, Lesley Ann Warren,Tippi Hedren, Rich Little, Patty Farmer, author of "Starring the Plaza" and "Playboy Laughs". His show, An Evening with Richard Skipper: The Magic of Believing (A Musical Memoir) sold out in New York with rave reviews. Now, Available for booking! To book this show, contact

Richard is also available for Hosting. Master of Ceremonies, or his own cabaret show. He is audience driven and audiences are very much part of any festivities Richard is involved with.

I had the pleasure of seeing Richard Skipper host the holiday luncheon at the Dutch Treat club at The Players Club and wow! What a wonderful and perfect host! Richard brings so much energy and light to a stage and he shares it all with us.
Thank you!

Robin Westle,

I was so excited to finally be able to attend an event hosted by Richard Skipper and he did not disappoint! From the minute he took the stage, his innate charm and enthusiasm warmed the room. Not only was I entertained , I learned things I did not know and by the end of the evening, I was left touched and very moved by the outpouring of love and affection by everyone on the panel celebrating Marge Champion and kudos to Richard for being such an exceptional interviewer and host. I did not want it to end! (Dancers Over 40 Celebrates the 100th Birthday of Marge Champion: St. Luke's Theatre, NYC: 10/16/19)
Jeffrey Smith, Beverly,NJ

I just returned from a great evening at a sold-out theater performance of Richard Skipper's One Man Show, which is called "An Evening with Richard Skipper: From Conway to Broadway"! Wait till you hear about his first audience for his performances!
Richard is a role model for all of us for doing what's immensely gratifying artistically, as well as totally unreasonable (his Carol Channing impersonation stories that were also about their longstanding friendship that developed once she heard about these, were beyond impressive).
And I have to say that one of my favorite parts came when an on-stage interviewer asked Richard how he was able to keep his positive attitude so strong in the face of the chaos and negative things going on around us. He said, "I do my morning pages and go on artist's dates as part of my Artist's Way practice to stay positive." Yay, Richard -- I felt so proud, and Bob and I cheered him loudly. And I'm also so proud of him for leading the way for us and for being such an inspiration. Congratulations, Richard! I think there might be another show soon, so those who missed it will have another chance to see it.
Judith W. Umlas, Group Leader for The Artist's Way, Palisades Free Library

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