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    RICHARD SKIPPER is one of the most respected and acclaimed entertainers in the business and 2001 turned out to be a phenominal year for this dynamic and talented performer.
    A MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabaret) & BISTRO Award Winner for "Outstanding Achievement in Impersonation"; successful engagements at San Francisco's Plush Room, the Ontario Hilton and Washington D.C.'s Signature Theatre; a record-setting--and award-winning—appearance at the Ice Palace on Fire Island'; principal photography for an independant feature film on the art and business of impersonation; and the debut of his new, expanded productions, AN EVENING WITH CAROL CHANNING & CAROL CHANNING PLUS TWO (featuring the music of Jerry Herman & Jule Styne) to sold-out houses and outstanding reviews.
    AN EVENING WITH CAROL CHANNING is a fully staged and choreographed, 90-minute musical montage celebrating the career and persona of this unique, theatrical legend. Directed by Jeff Matson with additional choreography by Susan
    Matsuki, special material also by Jeff Matson and arrangements by Bistro Award winner David Maiocco. The "Evening"blends Channing standards with original material and other familiar songs as it surveys her life and resume with many stops along the way for Skipper's unique--and riotous-- "ad-lib" interactions with the audience.
    RICHARD SKIPPER has already performed his uncannily accurate impersonation of "Carol Channing" as a featured performer and in solo "Evenings With..." in major venues throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to his theatrical and cabaret appearances, RICHARD SKIPPER is frequently invited to perform at private celebrity and charity events and gave a special performance as "Carol" for Carol Channing at NYC's Regent's. Miss Channing said of his performance, "[this is] the first time EVER I have been shown with such love, respect and polish."
    In addition to the above mentioned awards, Richard was named one of the Top Ten Cabaret Performers of 1997 from Cabaret Hotline and was acknowledged as "one of the Top of the Century Premire Acts of Cabaret by Cabaret Scenes Magazine.


    "Skipper sparkles with the glow of Channing's charisma, but the extra shine you see on stage is a product of a diamond-like brilliance that is his alone. [A]n unqualified musical comedy gem...[it] could easily transfer from its cabaret setting to an Off-Broadway stage. And it should."
Barbara & Scott Siegel, Backstage

"There is no doubt in my mind that Richard Skipper is well on the way to international recognition and acclaim."
Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens/Applause, Applause

"Skipper is so good that he re-invents the idea of impersonation and, gives it new energy. The secret is that he has the utmost respect for Channing. He doesn't make fun of her... He does a dead-on impersonation, and, at times, makes you forget he is a) not a woman and b) not Channing."
Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune

"[D]on't miss Richard Skipper as Carol Channing...absolutely the best impersonator I've ever seen."
Peter Friedman/SF Radio

"There is no one in this town, or any other, who is so convincing as Richard doing Channing. His shows are always gems - diamonds to be exact."
Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline

"...95% dazzlingly perfection impersonation + 5% shrewd but loving impersonation = 100% hilarious."
Roy Sander, Backstage

"Skipper... has a voice that undoubtably left many people in the audience disbelieving it was a live show."
Richard Mancino, At The Shore

"His interaction with the audience is also impressive, the characterization never slips, is always funny, and rejoices in excellent timing."
Maya Amis, New York Theatre Wise

"Richard Skipper's impersonation of Channing is one of the wonders of the modern world: every gesture, attitude and ad lib is hilariously right."
New York City Search


"Just when we thought that you couldn't get any better even if you tried...YOU DID!!! What a knockout show the other night at DON'T TELL MAMA. My entire group, BROADWAY NIGHT OUT, turned to me at the endof the show and thanked me for putting your show on our schedule. Love you and your work so much. See you again soon!"

"he is so true to the truth, it's unbelievable...I was not prepared for the amazing experience I was about to have."

"I had to wipe away a tear during 'Before the Parade Passes By.' It's a stunning and beautifully original show."

"Great and respectful impersonation completely devoid of any 'tacky' overtones...delightful comedy, and an obviously well thought-out and paced show."

"The moment by the piano talking about Jerry Herman... what a golden moment. I almost felt tears coming to my eyes ."

"AN EVENING WITH CAROL CHANNING was an absolute joy from beginning to end. Throughout the show I was awestruck by the affection and precision you bring to the characterization of Miss Channing...a flawless evening."


While physical mimicry, facial expressions, costume and make-up as well as matching the unique singing and speaking voices of this legend is essential to my impression, I believe the genuine respect and affection I have for my subject is the most important element in my performance.
    I make each and every show unique for the audience with the spontaneity and interaction that are a featured part of each act. My illusion continues with the house lights up as "Carol" brings patrons onstage or engages in improvised banter.
    And, while no "Carol" show could overlook "Hello, Dolly" or "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," my shows are not limited to her greatest hits' song lists. I feature original material and arrangements of numbers never performed or recorded by Miss Channing.