Richard Skipper as Carol Channing
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Have you always wanted to see the legendary Carol Channing in concert AT your theatre or special event?

Now you can bring the Channing tribute artist endorsed by Carol Channing herself - award-winning celebrity singer/actor RICHARD SKIPPER - to your venue as Carol Channing, a celebration of the life and career of one of Broadway's most unique divas.

"This is the first time I have ever been shown with such love, respect and polish. Richard Skipper is a TRUE MUSICAL COMEDY STAR! He is FABULOUS AS ME!!" - that's what Carol Channing said after she saw Richard Skipper's performance. And in the ultimate compliment, she has performed with him: Richard as "Carol" joined Carol herself at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts for a concert with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.

RICHARD SKIPPER AS CAROL CHANNING is a fully staged musical backed by live musicians and back-up singers. "Carol" sings the songs she made famous from "HELLO, DOLLY!" , "GENTLEMAN PREFER BLONDES", and a few she wished she sang!...tells stories about her life in and out of showbiz and interacts with the audience, answering questions and ad-libbing like a seasoned pro. Richard Skipper is so convincing, you'll forget he's not really Channing! It's a classy evening of old-fashioned entertainment for audiences of all kinds and all ages.

Richard has garnered awards and audience and critical acclaim from coast to coast as well as Canada and Greece!

Back Stage said, "Skipper sparkles with the glow of Channing's charisma, but the extra shine you see onstage is a product of a diamond-like brilliance that is his alone."


"Wow! You did a great job for us at the arts gala last week. Everyone was so happy with results of the weekend and your show was the ultimate highlight.

Working with you was a pleasure and your high degree of
professionalism made for a superb affair. Keep up the good work and we look forward to working with you again on another project."

"Richard Skipper's Carol Channing has to be seen to be believed. He not only is so beautiful, but he has "all of her" down so pat, if you saw them together the only way to know he wasn't her, is Miss Channing isolder!

What a talent! I am so anxious to bring him/her to Florida! I will
be proud to be able to represent Richard at some point."

"Richard is a consummate performer who not only sounds like Carol Channing but gives you the tone both in looks and movements. This is an act you should not miss. He performed for us at the Fairmont Hotel at a lavish 100th Birthday party of about 300 guests, many of which are very conservative, and brought the house down. A standing ovation."

"I didn't expect the show to be so complete, so exciting, so gracious. It was indeed a pleasure."

"You really do feel as if you have had an evening with the real Miss Carol."

"You are an absolutely amazing performer! During the past year you have performed at two events that I have been involved with and you have been wonderful. At the most recent event, the crowd responded to your performance in such a heartfelt manner, even calling you back out to say thank you! I look forward to seeing your show again!"

"You were fabulous as Carol Channing. Your sense of timing, grace and humor involving your audience were flawless. My only regret was that the performance ended too soon."

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