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All quotes are from Richard's Guestbook....

"I have to go on record saying that you capture her spirit and grace better than anyone I've ever seen... but what moved me is your ability to create an evening that I think Carol would be proud to be doing herself."

"formidable musical talent, cracking comedic timing and improvisational skills and above all the artistry of an excellent actor who bring deep understanding, humanity and poignancy to his portrayal."

"...a lesson on how to interact with an audience spontaneously and yet be right on target in your script. I had a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable time."

"I have seen [the song] done many times and never with half so much heart. No wonder Carol Channing herself says you treat her persona with sensitivty and love."

"Each time I watch you work I'm always impressed how you keep your show fresh, having something new and special to give audiences. You are a GEM!"

"Thank you for all the hard work and all the research and detail you went through to mount this superlative act. It is as though we are seeing the 'real Carol' right there in front of us."

"...a wonderfully entertaining evening with so many laughs and good stories that you walk away feeling like you just went on the greatest ride at your favorite amusement park."

"..."that is impersonation of Channing is amazing goes without saying, but what really impressed me was his hysterical audience interaction and the warmth that he created in the room."

"I had to wipe away a tear during 'Before the Parade Passes By.' It's a stunning and beautifully original show."

"I was amazed how beautifully Carol 'worked us' (the audience). Fast thinking on your feet! (and in HEELS no less!)"

"Great and respectfuil impersonation completely devoid of any 'tacky' overdones... delightful comedy and an obviously well thought out and paced show."

"...he is so true to the truth, it's unbelievable... I was not prepared for the amazing experience I was about to have..."

"The phrase 'stage magic' could have been invented to describe Richard Skipper's incarnation of La Channing."

"...any performer who wants to learn how a real professional works with an audience should be required to see [his] work."

"Polished like the finest diamond, your show was simply perfection."

"Your new show of Carol Channing is incredible! I love the serious moments, the humor, and of course, the dancers. Your ability to capture her looks, mannerisms, and the voice has to be experienced to be believed."

"You are just amazing! Your quick wit, your beautifully crafted show (complete with chorus boys!!), your ability to "channel" Channing...everything is just wonderful.

"The moment by the piano talking about Jerry Herman... what a golden moment. I almost felt tears coming to my eyes."

"Richard Skipper's portrayal of Carol Channing is nothing short of amazing. He is an honest and genuine performer who exudes heart, warmth, and even a little zanyiness."

"From the first moment that Richard Skipper enters the room, as Carol, you feel that little buzz of excitement that a celebrity has indeed entered the room! And that feeling never leaves."

"I was totally taken in by the human emotion you showed, especially in the serious moments. You not only showed Carol Channing the entertainer, you showed Carol Channing the human being. Most impersonators mimic, you embody."

"AN EVENING WITH CAROL CHANNING was an absolute joy from beginning to end. Throughout the show I was awestruck by the affection and precision you bring to the characterization of Miss Channing...a flawless evening."

"I'm advising all my friends (and some enemies...) to grab a bus, or cab or dolly and race over to catch this beautiful performance."

"You have put together and performed an absolutely wonderful show. There wasn't one weak second in it."

"From the pronounciation of vowels and facial expressions to the marvelous way "Carol" works the crowd, the attention to each part of the performance is obvioiusly the reason that the audience responds to lovingly to the show."

"It was a marvelous, charming and crowd-pleasing performance. His vocalization is nigh-on perfect, but it was the warmth of personality that he captured that made the show so special."

"Your performance as Carol Channing was beautifully rendered and I greatly admired your choices in material and patter. It all worked seamlessly to create a very entertaining evening."