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"Skipper/Channing provides a boffo evening, full-throated, cheery beyond measure (as is the original), comic above expectations (ditto), and handles the imperfect and often nutty tourist and resident attendees' questions and remarks with maximum aplomb and unfailing charm."
-- Marion DS Dreyfus,

"Skipper captures the essence of the grand lady of theatre in a way that not only embodies her sound, but spirit."
-- Sandi Durell, Times Square Cronicles

Entertainment with a capital E! Richard Skipper and Dana Lorge are as dynamic a hosting duo as you're likely to find anywhere in the Big Apple. They have infused new life into the variety show brand of family-friendly live entertainment. The evening is called Wednesday Night of The Iguana and the excitement is building in the VIP Lounge on 54th Street.
-- Lynn DiMenna, Cabaret Scenes

"Thanks to Richard Skipper's endearing and affectionate tribute, Carol Channing, bejeweled, glittering and warmly glowing, is in residence at Wings Theatre, on Christopher Street."
-- Bruce-Michael Gelbert,

"Richard Skipper IS Carol Channing. HE REALLY IS! At least for the amount of time he is on stage dressed and made up as his alter ego, he can convince me. I BELIEVE, TOTALLY. I'm sure I'm in the presence of this great lady and you can't tell me I'm wrong. What a show!"
-- Jan Wallman, Cabaret Exchange

"Carol has become a fan of Richard Skipper's. He's the bawdy, bigger than life, but brilliant performer who is doing Carol all over the place. "
-- Tommy Garrett, Canyon News

"Before the parade passes by, you'd better catch Carol Channing in Concert Starring Richard Skipper, who's well known for ebulliently capturing the sibilant, wide-eyed wonder of one of Broadway's platinum treasures."
-- Michael Musto, La Daily Musto

"To judge from the enthusiastic reaction of the audience, most of whom had obviously seen some version of this show before, Richard Skipper as Carol Channing is well on his way to becoming a cult figure. In a two-act version of his popular cabaret show, Skipper had the time and space to develop his concept of the legendary musical theater star, who has said of him, "He is FABULOUS AS ME!""
-- Barbara Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

"The best part of any Richard Skipper-Carol Channing show is the performer-audience interaction. Just as Skipper is only positive in his Channing tribute, his communication with audience members is as dead on as Channing's own direct innocence."
-- Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes

"This was more than a cabaret show - it was bursting at the seams to become a full-fledged theatrical presentation ... Every arched eyebrow, every gesture, every vocal inflection is duplicated on stage. It was truly a mind-boggling, entertaining and magical hour of cabaret!"
-- Stu Hamstra,

"In spite of the fact that you feel you are seeing Carol Channing, you are also aware that behind the make-up is a clever, confident and alert performer, ready to make any event, no matter how unexpected, a part of his performance."
-- Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline

"In "Carol Channing In Concert," Skipper not only looks and sounds like the original star of Hello, Dolly! and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but his knowledgeable and loving portrayal gives us a realistic glimpse at the woman's passion for performing and desire to make a personal connection with the strangers who flocked to see her."
-- Michael Dale,

"Skipper's show is not only a loving tribute to Carol Channing's dazzling life and career, but it's also a nostalgic homage to the old-fashioned, feel-good days of the classic Broadway musical...a show that can be savored by all ages and musical tastes today."
-- Jed Ryan, PM Magazine

"Skipper sparkles with the glow of Channing's charisma, but the extra shine you see on stage is a product of a diamond-like brilliance that is his alone. An unqualified musical comedy gem... it could easily transfer from its cabaret setting to an Off-Broadway stage. And it should."
-- Barbara & Scott Siegel Backstage, Bistro Bits

"Richard Skipper's phenomenal tribute to Carol Channing is a must see!".

"His shows are significantly different from one another because he interacts with the audience so often and so effectively. Skipper is incredibly fast on his feet (even in heels) and he always gets laughs".
The Siegels' Nightlife Notes

"...the immensely talented Richard Skipper continued his loving tribute to the funny lady, in the show that's polished to perfection yet so light and airy that it almost passes by us how detailed and well-crafted it is. As always, Mr. Skipper perfectly mastered not only Ms. Channing's distinctively raspy speaking and singing voices, but also exuded the comedienne's sassy yet warm rapport with the audience."
-- Jed Ryan, PM Magazine

"Richard Skipper is no zircon. He IS Carol Channing worthy of Tiffany & Cartier".
Pat Seremet, THE HARTFORD COURANT (Hartford, CT)

"In "An Evening with Carol Channing," Richard Skipper brought his dead-on impersonation of the glittery, throaty Broadway diva to the Ice Palace at the Grove Hotel once more. "
-- Bruce-Michael Gelbert Fire Island QNews

"There's no vulgarity or tabloid humor in his shows because Richard Skipper truly worships Carol Channing and the work that is her universal trademark. His salute to Ms. Channing is really a loving and nostalgic homage to the best of those classic Broadway Blockbusters that today are little more than derivative remakes of the brilliant and risky originals the American public still reveres. Richard Skipper has almost flawlessly brought Channing's Star persona back to life and is introducing her work to new and adoring audiences of all ages."

"The stage at Don't Tell Mama may be smaller than the stages of the Broadway Theatres a block east, but the talent onstage is just as large"
-- Tom Lynch,

"Channing / Skipper contributed favorite signature tunes "I Put My Hand In," from "Hello, Dolly," and "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend," from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and sounded uncannily like the ageless Broadway diva."
-- Bruce-Michael Gelbert Mr. Fire Island Leatherman 2001

"Richard Skipper was in top form and his performance at this benefit was as good, if not better, than I have ever seen before. Richard Skipper's beautiful red gown and perfect wig only enhanced our appreciation of the STELLER impersonation he offered of Carol Channing. I have often said that Richard Skipper's Carol Channing IS the standard by which ALL other impersonators of this GRAND lady should be measured since he sings and performs as Carol Channing better than CAROL Channing could currently do herself."
--Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens, APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! (6/19/01)

"...when 'Carol' sings, "It Only Takes A Moment" from Jerry Herman's "Hello, Dolly!," Richard Skipper's translucence to Carol Channing's generous spirit leaves every member of the audience convinced of their worth, their dignity, and their ultimate connectedness and interdependence."
-- David Roberts/Theatre Reviews Limited

"Richard Skipper proved himself an even better Carol than Carol".
Times Union (Albany)

"Skipper brought to life this icon of the American theatre, she of the broad grin and raspy warble. The evening was a pure delight. It takes a performer with a special touch to involve an audience, and Skipper has it... Woe to the man who tired to slip into his seat after the show had begun; Skipper was onto him like a heat-seeking missile. Skipper's impersonation amounted to adoration, and that was fine by the audience that gave him a standing O."
Paul Lamar/The Daily Gazette (Albany)

"Carol Channing, sort of... but better"
Michael Eck/Times Union (Albany)

" is Skipper's broad knowledge and kind understanding of her life and personality, as well as his talent for characterization, that allow him to capture that essence and portray Channing's bigger-than-life persona perfectly without ever falling back on artifice or reverting to mannerisms. No sophisticated viewer could fail to be charmed and thrilled by his performance....Richard Skipper [is] one of the top impersonators working today."
Charles Wixson/Cabaret Hotline Online

"There is no doubt in my mind that Richard Skipper is well on the way to international recognition and acclaim."
Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens/Applause, Applause

"As Channing, Skipper proves he's not just an impressionist, but a magician who conjures up an illusion. Physically and vocally he is near perfect creating a gender-bending tour de force."
Chuck Darrow, Resorts Correspondent, AP

"This is a show where audience interaction is paramount to its success. Mr Skipper's Channing has the great ability to reach into, quite literally, the audience and make them part of the evenings fun."
Michael Nelsen,

"... absolutely the best impersonator I've ever seen."
Jerry Friedman, KGO Radio and President - Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

"Richard Skipper's Carol Channing is a living doll."
Carolyn Albert for Theatre Reviews Limited

"[Skipper] is so good that he reinvents the idea of the impersonator and gives it new energy. The secret is that he has the utmost respect for Miss Channing... He doesn't make fun of her."
Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune and Vice President - Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

"There is no one in this town, or any other, who is so convincing as Richard doing Channing. His shows are always gems - diamonds to be exact."
Cabaret Hotline

"...95% dazzlingly perfect impersonation + 5% shrewd but - loving commentary = 100% hilarious. I certainly had a swell time."
Roy Sander, Back Stage