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Get the BUZZ you DESERVE with Richard Skipper

Richard Skipper is a popular award winning and critically acclaimed entertainer, theater historian and pop culture blogger. Writing for "Richard Skipper Celebrates", he has conducted over 700 interviews, and has had over One Million readers for his daily blog celebrating people in the arts. The sister blog, "Call on Dolly" is based on his website chronicling the Broadway classic, Hello, Dolly!

Richard Skipper conducts on-stage interviews at Barnes and Noble and at the Spiral Theater with the "Richard Skipper Celebrates!" series, which have featured Carol Channing, Jackie Joseph, Ron Young, Kevin Dozier, Peggy Pope, Julie Budd, Eileen Fulton, Anita Gillette and more! Richard Skipper also put together amazing panels celebrating Jerry Herman and Hello, Dolly! for the New York Sheet Music Society. Richard's next on stage interview will be with Lee Roy Reams on February 25th, 2015. Check schedule page for details.

Richard was the associate producer of the 2010, 2012, 2013 Bistro Awards celebrating excellence in Cabaret and New York nightlife. Peggy Herman's CD Release Party at Feinstein's was produced by Richard Skipper, directed by Peter Glebo and Tommy Tune, and it was an SRO success. He also promoted jazz singer Pamela Luss' run at The Metropolitan Room, NYC. His latest foray has been for Miss Peggy Eason at "Don't Tell Mama", producing the wonderful "I'll Show Them All!" show which opened to rave reviews. She will be playing The Iridium on February 3rd and will be joining Richard Skipper on stage at the Helen Hayes Hospital on February 15th for Richard's 15th annual appearance there!

After 25 years as an entertainer in his own right, and as a successful raconteur, Richard Skipper Celebrates Is pleased to announce the addition of public relations, promotional and producing services that will assist others in the entertainment industry.

The major mission of Richard Skipper Celebrates Is to CELEBRATE the artist's entire body of "worth" as well as their work. "Every event is a Celebration" Richard says. "It is for the creative artist giving their all to their audiences. And it is our job at Richard Skipper Celebrates to ensure that the artist becomes even better known for their body of work and for their audiences to be sure to know what they have up and coming."

Richard Skipper Celebrates does everything we can to ensure that the artist has that audience there for them. To promote and position our fellow artists, so that their work can be discovered and enjoyed is our Job #1. This makes every event, every great review, every new engagement, a cause for Celebration!

Richard Skipper Celebrates Clients Include and have Included

  • Life Inside Out (Film)
  • Salvatore Diana, The Salvatones, and The Many Sounds of Christmas
  • Andrea Bell Wolff
  • Carly Ozard
  • Cyntha Crane
  • Jim Speake
  • Julie Budd
  • Kim Grogg Marin
  • Lucie Arnaz
  • National Asian Artists Project (NAAP)
  • Peggy Eason
  • Peggy Herman
  • Sarah Dashew
  • Spiral Theater Studio
  • William Shuman (Tennessee Williams' En Avant!)

In having a positive mission of audience and media building, both you and your audiences will be pleased and entertained for years to come. By hiring Richard Skipper Celebrates! Get the Buzz that you DESERVE!

What they're saying about Richard Skipper Celebrates!

"I especially would like to thank Richard Skipper Celebrates. They did a great job in getting my name out there. This is truly what a press agent should do. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Everything that you've done for me so far and everything that youÕre going to do for me in the future. I love you. Thank you again." Peggy Eason

"Thank you so very much for all your help in promoting National Asian Artists' Production of Oliver! We got more foreign press than ever. That is what we need to bring in the Asian community to support us. Richard, your love and Passion for what you do has helped us so much. Sending you much love", Baayork Lee, National Asian Artists Project

"I cannot imagine making my debut at the iconic Cafe Carlyle in New York City during Passover, Easter and Spring break without your tireless, professional and inventive assistance. Thank you, Richard, for helping to let folks know LULU was indeed back in town for that one super spectacular week. The Times review and Rex ReedÕs column alone were enough to make all your hard work worth every penny. You are so good and so joyful about what you do. Lucky to have you in my world."Blessings, Lucie Arnaz

"Richard: A masterful job. You are a wonderful writer. I am in awe of your style and the amount of coverage. Perfection is the word for your talent. Thank you so much. Have a lovely day." Don Pippin

"This is for Richard Skipper, as I feel I must say this. . . I have known him as a wonderful theater person, a great entertainer, a man of many talents, but there comes a time when all those things he is, that we indeed know so well, are topped! How, one may ask? I shall tell you. There aren't many who have the generous gift of grace, awareness, respect, for the work that has been done by others. For someone as young as he is in terms of the road he has already traveled, and will continue to do so I must thank him for presenting me with a glorious evening in MY HONOR on March 25th to benefit The Spiral Theatre Company! Wow, what a surprise he gave me! I had forgotten so many things I had done, but he had not! He even did some research! He left me feeling Loved and remembered as an ARTIST! Thanks Richard, from one artist to anotherÉ." Thank you, Sondra Lee

Read other Testimonials in Richard's Guestbook on this site

Richard Skipper's around-the-clock marketing and PR access will generate the buzz that you deserve! This service is for the individual entertainer, a venue, a special event or charity function. Contact: Richard Skipper Celebrates at 845-365-0720 or Richard@richardskipper.com